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✅ Buy TikTok Followers
✅ Minimum Order: 100
✅ Maximum Order: 5,000
✅ Estimated Completion: 12 – 24 Hours
✅ Quality: High Quality / Non-Drop
✅ Refill Warranty: 30 Days

📌 Please make sure that your TikTok Profile is set to public.
📌 Please make sure that your TikTok Profile has minimum 10 followers.

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If you surf through the web, you will find alot of websites offering the chance for you to Buy TikTok Followers. Should you go for it then?

  • First of all, it is no secret that majority of well known celebrities and TikTok influencers were known to Buy TikTok Followers – it is kind of popularity competition.
  • Based on the current TikTok algorithm, they still take into consideration on the number of your Followers or Fans.
  • TikTok profile with less followers and engagement are 20 times harder to grow compared to the one which has thousands of followers – that’s a fact.
  • A big number of followers gives a signal that your profile is authentic and worth to be followed by others.

Buy Followers For TikTok from MetaFlixx – We are proven to provide 100% best quality real accounts, non-drop and instant delivery over the years. Not to mention, we guarantee the best price you can get online!


  • Massive followers count starting from as low as 100, 1k up until 5k in a single purchase.
  • Super cheap prices starting from $1.80 for 100 followers. We actively comparing our price with our competitor on bi-monthly basis to make sure that our price is the best you can find online!
  • Quick turnaround time: the followers will start delivering to your account within 24 hours after you complete payment and verified by our team. So it’s faster than buying TikTokers!
  • 24h Customer Support Team is always available on Email and WhatsApp if you have questions or want to report a problem with the followers that we deliver.

Still unsure? Go ahead and Buy TikTok Followers from some of our sample packages, such as we are giving Free TikTok Followers on your TikTok handle, which will surely help you to understand the quality of the service.

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for TikTok Followers

  1. Andrew Won**

    Tq boss!

    amount: 500 x 1
  2. Jeremy Ta**

    Drop rate pn sangat2 rendah 👍

    amount: 500 x 1
  3. Syazwa**


    amount: 100 x 1
  4. Siti Nur Ai**

    Drop rate pn sangat2 rendah 👍

    amount: 100 x 1
  5. Asyra**

    Tq boss!

    amount: 250 x 1
  6. Syazwa**

    Puas hati boss… layanan n servis terbaik!

    amount: 100 x 1
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To Buy TikTok Followers, please follow the steps below:

  • Please make sure that all the conditions above are met before you start.
  • Choose the amount desired and double check the price again before you proceed.
  • Key in your TikTok Profile accordingly.
  • Click on 'Add to Cart' and proceed to the payment page. You may select the payment method as you preferred.
  • Your order will be processed by our team once your payment has been verified.
  • You may login to your account to see current status of your order.

Once the status of your order changed to 'Processing', you may start to monitor your Social Media account for changes.


1. Buy Followers On Tik Tok
2. Buy Followers For Tiktok


As a business owner, you are always looking for new and innovative ways to grow your company. You may have heard of TikTok, the latest social media platform that is growing in popularity fast. If you're not sure if it's worth your time to invest in TikTok followers, read on! In this blog post, we will discuss five reasons why buying TikTok followers can help your business grow.

If your goal set is good enough, others will go to look at it and follow back. This is what happened to me. I bought about 10k followers right away, but after a day or two, I noticed my account was still at around 1k-5k followers even though 30-50 people were following every day without me doing anything else! Some got curious because they saw my name everywhere since there were so many people who followed me all of a sudden. They would subscribe for a single post just to see what I had to say, only for them to then turn around and follow me and subscribe and comment and like my posts! It really helped boost the exposure for what I was trying out.

If you're just starting out and you know nothing about TikTok, this is a good place to start. It will give your account instant exposure which can help you grow faster than ever.

Your brand will show up everywhere, but it's only a matter of time before you need to invest in yourself by Buying TikTok Followers if you want to keep seeing growth as an influencer or online business. If your set is sticky, people will talk about you…but think about this... how many different accounts do they have to find running the same exact thing? How many accounts do they need to stumble upon before they can actually be sold on your product or services? There are probably hundreds and thousands of others who look just like them that share the same interests, so you need to stand out. If Purchasing TikTok Followers can help you do that, why pass up on the opportunity?

If people think they are following an account with thousands of real TikTok users behind them, they are more likely to take note of your posts and eventually turn into prospects for buying your products or services. They're probably curious why someone has that many followers in the first place instead of wondering if those are all fake accounts right after noticing how high the number is! That curiosity alone should be worth it enough for anyone who wants to make money through their social media profile.

TikTok is designed to be quick and short-lived, making it the perfect place to post content quickly and let someone's curiosity do the work for you. You don't have to think about creating catchy, attention-grabbing captions or brainstorming ideas there. Got something short? Good, post it! Between short bursts of entertainment, your viewers will see your account all over the explore page and be curious enough to follow you to see what you're up to without much effort on your part (though posting good content should still always be a high priority).